Thank you for your understanding! Everything you think of when you hear “Anyukám Mondta” (literally translated: “my mother said”) is, fortunately or sadly, absolutely true about us.

We were very happy to be awarded for the first time, and we are even happier to have kept it. In 2023 Anyukám Mondta again received the Bib Gourmand award from MICHELIN Guide! Thank you all very much, without you we wouldn’t be here!

We both worked in Italy, as a maitre d’ and as a chef – and as people who love being there. Time went by and, after a brief two-and-a-half year detour via New York, home was waiting. So we returned. First we created a corner bar, then a corner pizzeria, and then Anyukám Mondta restaurant – no change from the corner, but that would be too many of the good things in one place. It’s a legendary institution that needs no introduction to many people today – but you don’t say that about yourself!

Because we’d rather just live and live and live happily ever after.

And in the meantime we bake bread, cook syrup, stuff sausages and do a lot of other things that end in “nothing”. Of course, like a world gymnastics championship, there are compulsory elements without which a serious gymnast dare not hope for serious recognition. And there are also optional exercises – that’s where the most exciting stuff starts!

What is certain is that, either way, even the pickled cucumber has our hearts in it – because if it doesn’t, well, the story is essentially completely pointless.


Pizza, Coffee, World Peace – Miskolc

After the restaurant in Encs, it became another base for what our mother said.

She also happened to say that the shortest way to world peace is through good pizza and good coffee. And so, just like that, a new ambassador of Italianism in Abaúj was born a few years ago: a different concept, but the same quality, with the most important Italian gastronomic values, in Roman style, chasing world peace, but always with fun.

Cím: 3530 Miskolc, Széchenyi út. 19.
Tel.: 06 (70) 608 6886

Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tuesday - Friday: 09-22
Saturday-Sunday: 09-23


A lot of hard work, continuous learning and a bit of luck. Our mother told us - and we'll tell you if you ask for it. If you're not sure which way to go, contact us and we'll help you get things right, with occasional or ongoing consultancy. Whether it's kitchen concepts, menu pimping, restaurant interiors, branding and marketing, or general business management, we're happy to share our knowledge to help you shorten the path we've been on for 27 years.


Pizza, Coffee, World Peace – Debrecen

The best pizza dough from old Italy…

based on a recipe perfected over the years and packed with the best ingredients sourced from the region - that was enough to get us started. Then there were ( and are!) all-day opening hours, quick breakfasts and even quicker business lunches as well as sit-down dinners. So it was all there. Finding a new home in Miskolc with our roots from Encs.
Address: 4024, Debrecen, Csapó utca 2.
Tel.: 06 (70) 771 8188

Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tuseday - Friday: 09-22
Saturday-Sunday: 09-23

Pléhtigris – Foodtruck

What is it? He travels the country all year round…

...and then serving up the crispiest Italian pizzas from our ovens to anyone, anywhere, along with some classic favourites from our Encs HQ? Of course, it's the unmistakable silver Pléhtigris sparkling in the sunshine, one of the newest members of the Anyukám Mondta team, our favourite food truck! And we'll be happy to take it anywhere on request, whether it's a private event, a multi-day festival, a corporate event or anything else!



3860 Encs, Petőfi út 57.
GPS: 48.332962, 21.11561

Tel.: 46/587-340
Open: Monday - Saturday: 12-22
Closed on Sundays

Advance booking is strongly recommended!
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